Stockholm Travel: Free Windows 8 Travel Guide App

Stockholm Travel is a free Windows 8 Travel Guide App that will help the people travelling Sweden with the places they can travel in Sweden, guide to reach there, and so on.

Stockholm is basically the largest capital in Sweden. And, this is quite a compatible app for those who are living in Stockholm because it comes in both English and Swedish. This Windows 8 app is quite useful for those who are on a tour to Stockholm and also for the commuters, who want to reach somewhere on a daily basis or just want to hang out in Stockholm.

This travel guide app for Windows 8 will en route your journey in that place and will give you a real-time departure schedule. It will help you to schedule your departure and arrivals according to your convenience.


This is the index of Windows 8 travel guide app, from where you can schedule your journey. You just have to enter your source and destination details and you are good to go. You can also enter the stations or stoppage or you want to continue your journey and it will show you the path with colored legends, with the help of which you can easily reach your destination.

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You will get all the possible route with the help of which you can reach your destination. You can also pin these routes to your start page on your Favorite Journey list and cal also add various places where you want to go on the Favorite Place list. You can simply tag the route to it.


In addition to all these things, you can also use the ‘Advanced Search’ option to en route your journey in the way you like. If you want to add the option for a bus or subway or any other means of public transportation, you can simply tick the option from the advanced search. And, that will help you to reach your destination via various stops according to your convenience.

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So, if you are planning a trip to Sweden, then this is a kind of Windows 8 travel guide app you should definitely install on your Windows 8 desktop.