Animals 101: Free Windows 8 Chinese Learning App

Animals 101 is a free Windows 8 Chinese learning app with the help of which you can learn Chinese in a very different and interactive way. Have you ever tried to learn Chinese or might have given a thought about it? Well, if yes, then you have a great app right here. And, this is a worthy Windows 8 app for those who want to start learning Chinese by their own.

You just have to download this app for Windows 8 and it will help you to gather your force of concentration over here and conquer a whole new language. This is a Windows 8 Chinese learning app which can be used by kids also, as they can grasp the things over here with their own speed. Its kind of Windows 8 app which will politely and gently let you learn a new language very easily with arbitrary Q&As.


You can learn and play at the same time. There are actually two steps to learn this. First, you have to click on the Flash Card option to memorize some of the characters named in Chinese. There are a number of animals on the flash card which will also pronounce the related sound which make the task a bit easier.

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This is how the flash card looks like and you can memorize the name of the animal with its name in both English and Chinese by pressing the sound speech button. Just scroll over the card and memorize as many as you can.


Later, you can play the game by choosing the correct option from the given choices. You can hit the speech button to pronounce the name of that animal. You can simply hit the correct option and collect as many stars as you can which will be shown as your result.

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So, if you want to learn Chinese at your best you should download this Windows 8 Chinese learning app on your Windows 8 desktop and have fun learning Chinese.