Slacker Radio: Windows 8 App for Online Radio

Slacker Radio is a free Windows 8 app. Slacker Radio is an online radio player meant for Windows 8. This app is meant for you if you don’t have the time to get off your desktop and you are a music addict. This app along with music provides all the latest news related to music. Slacker Radio is synchronized with Twitter to receive automatic feeds.


Slacker Radio is one of the best radio players. Giving music as well as Twitter feeds makes it a perfect combination for a teenager. Along with twitter Slacker Radio is also synchronized to give ESPN news feeds regularly. It’s now playing screen is also quite user-friendly.


Slacker spotlight lists out the topmost stations that are rated according to Slacker Radio. These stations also store a lot of songs. In Slacker Radio everything is arranged from the most popular to the least. You will find this feature almost everywhere in Slacker Radio.


Slacker Radio also lists out the top stations all arranged according to their respective stations. The artists that are on top of that particular genre, their songs are displayed in this playlist.


Apart from all this Slacker Radio gives a playlist that lists out all the genres that are present. In all the genres present, artists that belong to that particular genre. Slacker Radio also gives the user an option to search in its database to search for any particular song or artist.

Unlike other radio apps I found this app to be the best app. Slacker Radio gets regular feeds of Twitter and ESPN, you need not do anything. These feeds come automatically and are updated automatically.


The only problem that I found with the player of Slacker Radio is that finding the volume control was a problem. You can add any song to your favorite list which you can access later.

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Slacker Radio is one of the best radio app that I’ve ever come across. It gives you the freedom to listening to any song that you wish. As far as I have heard there are more than hundreds and thousands of song. The best part about this app is that, it is exclusively made for the people of USA. I think you should get it today itself, since it is for free also. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.