Skitch for Windows 8: Add Shapes, Annotations to Photos

Skitch Touch is a free Windows 8 Photo Enhancer. You can use it to add annotations and shapes to your Photos. In addition to that, you can also crop parts of your photos and pictures. You can save your annotated photos on your local storage. Along with that, this Windows 8 Photo Enhancer also provides you with the ability to  share your annotated photos online with the help of Windows Share Charm. You also get the capability to add annotations to maps, by using the Maps option that is provided in this Windows 8 Photo Enhancer.

Skitch Touch

This Windows 8 Photo Enhancer is freely available under the Productivity category of the Windows Store.

Using this free Windows 8 Photo Enhancer

As you get into this Windows 8 Photo Enhancer, all the options that are available to you will be shown to you on the main screen. On the main screen itself, you will get the options to add picture, maps, and other things. From here, you can also add blank page where you can make any new annotation text, having  no picture.

Skitch Touch- Main Page

The options that are present in the menu of this free Windows 8 Photo Enhancer are as:

Camera, Photos

Both of these options of this Windows 8 Photo Enhancer are used to add annotations to photos. The Camera option opens up your capturing device to take photos, to which you add annotations to.

Skitch Touch- Annotate

The options which this Windows 8 Photo Enhancer provide are available on the panel on the bottom side.

Skitch Touch- Tools

Using the arrow option, you can add arrows to your pictures and photos. The text option gives you the option to write. Third option present here is a shape selector. From it, you have the option to add rectangle, oval, round cornered rectangle, and line to your pictures and photos. The style option will let you to select brush size and edit the color used to draw. Use the pixelate option present over here to blur parts of the photos and pictures. Along with that, using the crop option you can capture parts of a picture or photo.

Skitch Touch- Crop

Get to the map option from the menu screen and you would be able to add maps to which you can add annotations, to highlight certain parts of it.

Skitch Touch- Map

Along with that, you can save these photos. This Windows 8 Photo Enhancer will save your annotated photos in JPG or PNG format. Along with that, Skitch Touch also gives you the option to share your work with others.

Skitch Touch- Share

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Key Features of Skitch Touch

  • It is freely available.
  • Its Interface is nice and working is easy.
  • Feature to crop parts of photos and pictures.
  • You can annotate maps also.
  • Save and share your work online.
  • Supports touch- enabled devices also.

My Final Say

Skitch Touch is quite nice Windows 8 Photo Enhancer. It provides with good capabilities for annotations. All in all, it is a good app, and I would really recommend using it.

Get Skitch Touch here