Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game: Blockout

Blockout is a free Windows 8 Puzzle Game. In this game, you just have to get the blue colored block out of the puzzle. The puzzles that are available here use variable difficulty types.  From the difficulty types that are present in this free Windows 8 Puzzle Game, there are some like Kids, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. What’s even more, in each difficulty type, there are more than thousands of level available to play.

This Windows 8 Puzzle game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.


 Playing this free Windows 8 Puzzle Game:

As you land into this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, the main menu of the game will appear. It will show you the option to play. Along with that, there will be other menu options, like: Puzzles, Settings, Rate Me.

Blockout- Main menu In the play option of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, you would be first shown the controls of the game, and an option to select difficulty type to play.

Blockout-  Play

To play this game, you can select the difficulty type from here, or can use the Puzzle icon that is available on the main menu of  Blockout.

Blockout- Difficulty level

Now, after this, all the available levels will be shown to you. There are more than 1000 levels available for you under each difficulty type of this game.

Blockout- Select Levels

After this, you can start playing this Windows 8 Puzzle Game. Now, what is really nice about this app, is that you can play any level you like. You don’t have to worry about clearing any level in order to get to the next levels.

Blockout- Game play

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Key Features of Blockout

  • Free availability: It is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • The game has different difficulty types, viz, Kids, Medium, Easy, Hard and Expert.
  • Large number of levels: For each of  difficulty type that is available here, we have the independence to choose from thousands of levels.
  • Each difficulty level has a large number of sub- levels included.
  • You can share any snapshot of the puzzle with others using the Windows 8 Share Charm.

My Verdict

I have played this myself, and I would like to say that I am quite impressed with it. It will provide you with the ability to choose any difficulty type, which is quite nice, and ensures that there is something for everyone. Every difficulty type has a number of levels. There are more than thousands of levels included under each difficulty type which will engage you even more. All in all, a good Windows 8 Puzzle Game, Blockout deserves a try for sure. Share your experience with us.

Get Blockout here