Shooting Game For Windows 8: World War Of Tanks 3D

World War Of Tanks 3D is a free shooting game for Windows 8. Developed and published by Nation Games 3D, this is a free Tank Warfare game. Enemy troops are trying to attack your base with Helicopters and Tanks, and you with a heavily armed tank have the responsibility to save your base from enemy attacks. Helicopters and Tanks will be continuously attacking you, and you have to fire back at them strategically to take them down as soon as possible. All of this presented to you in high definition with stunning graphics and realistic sound effects.

World war tanks 3D_6

How To Install World War Of Tanks 3D:

This shooting game for Windows 8 can be downloaded and installed from the Windows App Store. Look for the game by using the search box. Open the game page, then click Install to automatically download and install it on your computer.  45 MB space is what this tank shooting game occupies, which is low for a game with such good graphics and game-play.

World war tanks 3D_2

How To Play World War Of Tanks 3D:

You can sue your mouse and keyboard to control your tank to play this amazing shooting game for Windows 8. Use the mouse cursor to look around and shoot, and use WASD keys or Navigation keys to move your tank around. This shooter game for Windows 8 has various levels to play. A small mission instruction is given before each level starts.

World war tanks 3D_5

As you can see there is a Radar on the top left corner of the screen. Here you can locate enemy tanks and helicopters easily. Seek them out and fire them with heavy artillery to take them down as soon as you can. Your’s and enemy’s health are displayed on the top of the screen, where you must keep an eye.

World war tanks 3D_7

Clear out the helicopter attack and then look for enemy tanks with the help of radar. Shoot and clear out the tanks to finish the level. The enemy tanks will attack you too, so be very careful.

World war tanks 3D_3

If you are having trouble shooting the enemy, right click on the mouse to use scope, and then shoot. Using scopr gives you precision.

World war tanks 3D_4

Once a level is cleared, click on next to go to the next level of this shooting game for Windows 8.

World war tanks 3D_8

The game gets tough as you keep moving to higher levels. So strategically play this shooter game and save your bases.

Our Verdict?

This shooting game for Windows 8 gives awesome gaming experience on your Windows computer for a game which occupies very less space. Play this game to experience some real war situations.

Download World War Of Tanks 3D for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.