Free Racing Game For Windows 8: Speed Car WW Warzone

Speed Car WW Warzone is a free Racing Game For Windows 8. Developed and published by GAMEADU, this racing game stands apart from conventional racing games. How? You do not have to race other cars to win this game, you have to outrun helicopter. Yes, you heard it right, helicopters. Moreover, there is a long list of vehicles which you can play with in this racing game for Windows 8. These vehicles include exotic sports cars, trucks, monster trucks, tanks, and even helicopters. Go through the article and unravel all about this game.


How To Install Speed Car WW Warzone on Windows 8 Device:

This is a 26.7 MB racing game for Windows 8. For the space it occupies on your computer it provides ample graphics and gameplay. To install this game, go to the Windows App Store and search for the game. You can also find the link to the game page at the end of this article. Click on the Install button on the game page. The racing game will automatically download and then install.


How To Play Speed Car WW Warzone on Windows 8 Device:

You just need your keyboard to play this awesome racing game. Use the navigation keys or the WASD keys. Before beginning this game, you are given option to choose you favorite car to drive. For the first time players, only one car is unlocked. To unlock other cars, play the game, earn points.


With the car, you are also displayed the health stat, max speed, score multiplier, etc. When you begin playing, you are briefed about the mission.


You have to collect INTEL before you run out of luck. The intel will be marked on the map. A map is available on the game screen for your reference. Run and collect intel before its gone.


Another thing that you need to be careful about is the Helicopter behind you. A military helicopter will try to kill you with missiles. Dodge the missiles by drifting and not speeding down.


Once the game is over, you are displayed the final score. You are ranked according to the global position of players in this racing game for Windows 8. You can set a Username for yourself if you like. Click on Restart to play again.

Our Verdict?

This is a racing game for Windows 8, way different from conventional racing games. The graphics are superb and so is the sound effect. You will definitely fall in love with the gameplay once you begin playing it.

Download Speed Car WW Warzone for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.