Scroll Page Horizontally Using Mouse Wheel

Mouse hunter is a desktop software for Windows, now also for Windows 8 that lets you to scroll page horizontally using mouse wheel in a much easier way. Well, it’s easier to scroll a page vertically using mouse, however to scroll a page horizontally, you might have been using the mouse buttons or the arrow keys, which are of course time-consuming. But, not any more as Mouse Hunter is now available for Windows 8.

This free software for Windows 8 optimizes computer work using the mouse wheel. Lets me quickly jot down the main features of Mouse Hunter below.

Features Of Mouse Hunter To Scroll Page Horizontally:

  • Works well with almost all the desktop or online applications
  • Sits back in your system’s tray
  • Lets you easily disable or enable the Mouse Hunter
  • Saves time while scrolling the page horizontally
  • Easy to customize settings
  • Lets you change the language easily
  • Good utility software
  • Its free..


However, you need make sure that in order to let the Mouse Hunter works, you need to keep pressing the mouse button and then scroll the mouse wheel. Installing Mouse Hunter in Windows 8 is as easy as it is to get it in other OS. Let me quickly point down the main steps below.

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How To Download Mouse Hunter In Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the given link
  2. Click on “Download” given at the left side of the screen
  3. The downloaded file will be a ZIP file, hence you need to extract the folder before you get started with its installation.
  4. Once, extracted, double-click on the Mouse Hunter setup in order to install
  5. You will soon find the software installed in Windows 8 as you keep following the onscreen instructions.

Yupp…there you are. Look at the system’s tray, you will find the Mouse Hunter icon sitting over the system’s tray of your Windows 8 Pc. You can now start customizing Mouse Hunter settings. Well, in order to access settings, right-click on the Mouse Hunter icon given in the tray. Now, click on “settings” command.