Gear Software Manager For Windows 8

Gear Software Manager is smart application that lets you look for updates, if available, for all the software that have been installed in your Computer. Basically, you can look for the latest version of the programs installed in your Windows 8 PC.

This free software manager also cleans Internet Explore autocomplete forms and also cleans Internet browser.

Gear Software Manager scans the previous version of all the installed programs in your Windows 8 PC and then shows the latest versions with the download link and with more information. It automatically detects the latest available on represented websites.

Gear Software Manager

This free Software Manager for Windows 8 also contains a list of essential software such as iTunes, Google Chrome, or Firefox etc.. You can check software which have not been installed & click over to the link to install them.

Features of Gear Software Manager For Windows 8:

  • Cleans up the Windows
  • Cleans the registry orphaned items.
  • Check for latest updates on various installed programs.
  • Contains a lists of essential software.
  • Easy to use.
  • Totally free of cost.
  • Fixes Windows registry
  • Allows backup buttons to check up registry backups.
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How To Install Gear Software Manager In Windows 8:

  • Get onto the webpage to download Gear Software Manager for your Windows 8 PC.
  • Click on the represented download link.
  • Execute the downloaded *.exe file to your PC.
  • Follow further steps to complete the installation.

Gear Software Manager is a remarkable software to check for latest updates available for different software installed to your Windows PC. It also contains a lists of essential software installed to your PC.

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