Salad Toss: Free Windows 8 Game App

Salad Toss is a free Windows 8 game app that has been selected from the ‘Games’ section. This is quite a delightful game which will let you experience a fun time while playing it.

This is a Windows 8 puzzle game lets you know how to use your food in an either way to play with it and can have a fun time with it. The game for Windows 8 needs your Internet access permission with the help of which you can share your score on your Facebook account. Just login with this Windows 8 game app and you can check out the leader board with people achieving their high scores on the charts. After all this jibber jabber, you can simply hit the play button to go through the game.


You can see the fun main page of the Salad Toss app for Windows 8 here, where a number of food articles are waiting for you. You can see a number of fruit and vegetables with some other eatables. Just hit the play button and get ready to toss the salad in your bowl which is not actually a bowl. You just have to arrange them.

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This is the Windows 8 game you are looking at, where there is a grid consisting of different food items. Your aim is to achieve a maximum score by getting at least 3 identical items in a line whether horizontally or vertically and you have to score within a given time. Later, you can also post your score on Facebook by hitting Share. You can also have some bonus items in between the game which will make your turn a bit easy.

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So, just download this Windows 8 game app, fun pass time game, on your Windows 8 desktop and start tossing the salad.