Engadget: Free Windows 8 Gadgets App

Engadget is a free Windows 8 gadgets app that helps you to know everything about gadgets and gizmos all over the globe. This is a kind of Windows 8 app that you will definitely appreciate if you are really into gadgets like smart phones, Xbox, video games, microchips etc.

This gadgets app for Windows 8 will lead you to a new and interesting world of gizmos. If you are a geek, then this is the exact place where you can find all the sort of information you need about gadgets and stuffs. You can browse through various technology related topics and can read the latest posts drafted by veteran writers and companies. You can get various news releases right in front of your eyes.


You can see the interface of Engadget here where you can find the featured posts and can also aware yourself with the latest news and tweets related to gadgets and gizmos. You can also listen to various podcasts to know what is going around in the world of technology, all in this Windows 8 gadgets app.

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You just have to switch on any of the related topics and can have your way out of any technology and press releases for various technology and gadgets. You can also view the picture gallery about the latest gizmos and gadgets.


There are various videos related to latest gadgets and can also browse through various topics like Video Games, Internet, tablet PCs, Cell Phones, E-Readers, Desktops etc. Basically, this is the kind of place you will really like if you really have a thirst to know about gadgets.

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So, download this amazing Windows 8 gadgets app on your desktop and have fun browsing through various gadgets related information.