RSS Reader Lite App For Windows 8

RSS Reader Lite app for Windows 8 allows you to fetch RSS/Atom feeds from your favorite websites and to read the latest content published on them.

This free RSS feed tracker cum RSS feed reader for Windows 8 can be easily located in the ‘News & Weather / News’ section of Windows Store. The nice thing about RSS Reader Lite App For Windows 8 is that the interface for viewing posts is much better in comparison to many free RSS feed readers. Let us have a look on how-to part and functionality included in it.

Using RSS Reader Lite App For Windows 8:

  • On launching RSS Reader Lite for the firsts time you will be shown following prompt on the application window.
  • Next, click on ‘Add new source right away!’ and soon after that you will be presented a new textbox for entering the RSS feed URL of the website to be tracked.

* It must be noted that the URL provided by you must be a valid RSS/Atom Feed URL. Just, entering the name of the website won’t solve the purpose.

  • After entering the feed URL you must click on ‘Add single Source’ button.

Adding more RSS feeds:

RSS Reader Lite App for Windows 8 allows you to track multiple RSS feeds. To include another RSS feed, you will require to:

  • Right click on blank region and in no time a horizontal bar will appear at the bottom section.
  • Next, click on ‘manage’ on button and the control for adding new Feed URL will populate as shown above.
  • Then, type or paste the feed URL and click on ‘Add single Source’ button.

Reading feed pages:

To read posts, you will require visiting the home screen of RSS Reader Lite App for Windows 8. There, you will be provided with the list of included RSS feeds in the section of the right. Then, you will need to click on particular RSS feed and the list of latest posts/webpages will be displayed in the section to the right. Windows-8-app-to-read-rss You can click on any link on the panel to the left to view page content. The best part is that the styles and formatting remain intact. RSS-Reader-Lite-win-8-app

* Not a limitation as such, but the URL list here does not include a thumbnail image.

The other alternatives like Simple RSS Reader and Dark RSS Reader are also available for free.


  • To install Windows 8 RSS Reader Lite App, you will require to open this link in supported web browser such as IE 10 or advance.
  • Then on the webpage click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button.
  • Upon being redirected, Click on ‘Install’ button.

* The app requires permission to access your internet connection and is only 277 kb in size.

RSS Reader Lite App for Windows 8 is a really nice option to remain informed and updated with latest news, views, and reviews. I have no issue in recommending it.