Quick Budget Financial Planner App For Windows 8

Quick Budget is a free financial planner app For Windows 8. It is a simple and no-nonsense application that can be quite handy in budgeting and planning your weekly, bi-weekly and monthly expenses. The workflow on this app is very simple where you need to specify your earnings from different sources and expected expenses. Quick Budget financial planner  will then deduct expenses from your earnings to deliver an overview of your monetary status. By referring to that data you can perform the additional adjustments in you expenditure plan.

The best part about using Quick Budget financial planner Windows 8 app is that you can can easily transfer data in-between devices (user account logged into Windows 8).

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Using this Financial Planner App for Windows 8

On launching the Windows 8 financial planner app you will be presented the following interface in front of you.


Many new users complained it to be confusing. Well, it’s only a matter of getting familiar with interface. Have a look on points explained below.

  • All you need is to concentrate on the interface boxed in red rectangle in the above screenshot. The same form is to be utilized for entering expenditure and well as income.
  • The textbox at top is to be utilized for entering the details (name for expenditure/income) and the textbox below is to be utilized for entering the amount. Any of the three radio buttons can be selected depending on the frequency of income/expenditure.
  • The two buttons ‘add as expense’ and  ‘add as income’ are to be clicked accordingly. The entries made by you will populate in the Right section.Quick-budget-manager-win-8
  • In case, you made a wrong entry on this windows 8 budgeting application then select the particular entry and click on bin icon at bottom section to remove it.
  • The Dropdown list on the top can be utilized for viewing the expenditure in a week, in two weeks, and for whole month.

In case you need to create a fresh budget the right-click on the interface and select delete from the horizontal bar at bottom.

Installing Quick Budget Financial Planner App:

It can be easily located under ‘Finance’ section of Windows Store. You can open this link in IE (10 or later) to continue with installation.

Quick Budget financial planner app for Windows 8 is surely a help. You must know that planning is one thing and implementation is completely plan.