Puzzle Touch: Windows 8 Puzzle Game App

Puzzle Touch is a free Windows 8 Puzzle Game App that lets you solve the puzzle to improve you logical skills, and for entertainment purpose.

Puzzle Touch is not limited to any particular age, infact this Windows 8 puzzle app is a very addictive game among all the age groups. The game uses multi-touch interface and can also be played using a mouse. The size of this game is around 10mb.

Puzzle Touch has 4-types of difficulty levels namely, Easy, Intermediate, Challenging, and Difficult. Out of the 4 levels any one of the level can be played, it is not necessary that first you complete the Easy one then only the next level will open up. I think, the developer developed this Windows 8 app with the intention in mind, in case you get bored with a particular level you can jump on to another one, for a change of mind.

In this Windows 8 puzzle game app, you can also create puzzles using your own images that are stored in your computer’s library else using your camera you can take any random picture that you want to be used in the puzzle touch game.

The game play involves the arrangement of the random pieces to it’s correct place to form a particular image. Different difficulty levels involve different number of pieces and also rotation. Easy mode does not have rotation, but the rest of the levels have rotation. Rotation means rotating a particular piece such that it can be fixed along with its respective piece. Easy mode has 12 pieces, Intermediate has 12 pieces, Challenging has 24 pieces, Difficult has 35 pieces.

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If you want to test out your puzzle-solving skills, then this is something that is definitely made for you. You should give it a try once.