Gaana: Free Windows 8 Music App

Gaana app is a free Windows 8 music app that lets you listen to top Bollywood songs by streaming music in just a couple of clicks. This music app for Windows 8 comes up with a complete library of millions of Bollywood songs ranging from the hit oldest numbers to latest rock Bollywood songs to popular folk songs, regional songs, chart topper, just from all the genres.

As you open the Windows 8 Gaana app, you will see the current popular tracks at the left side of the screen in a different category. While the featured albums will be shown at the right side in a different category. As you click on one of the popular tracks given, you will soon find the track played at the bottom of the screen. However, if you select an album from the right side, you will be displayed with all the tracks of that selected album.

In addition, the Windows 8 music app also brings you other related albums to check out. Now, as you dig deep inside the other related albums, it will keep on displaying more related albums. However, one things I did not like while digging more inside is that there is no way to go back to the home screen directly. You have to click on the back arrow button to go to the previous album and then finally to the home page.

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The good part is that once you have selected a track from a particular album, and now if you want to play a different song from the same album, fortunately you do not require to head over to the album all over again, just click on the arrow button given besides the “Pause” button. This will bring you all the tracks of the selected album from where you can change the song as per your preferences. Take a look over the below given screen shot for better understanding:

And the worst part, the app lacks the search bar. It means you can not search for your favorite album or track to listen to it directly. You have dig into the albums to find your favorite one. Anyways, besides all these negatives, the app is still not that bad to give it a try as it brings you all the popular tracks in a separate category. Go ahead and try Windows 8 music app, Gaana now…