Paint Application For Windows 8: Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is a free paint application which allow users to perform free hand drawing or painting and show their creative side in Windows 8 at Zero cost. This Paint Application can  be easily installed from Windows 8 app store . This Paint app helps the users to create a painting and give attractive effects to their paintings using several painting tools and colorful background.

paint app (1)

This Paint application provides various helpful tools like blender, eraser, pencil, brushes of different shapes and sizes, multi-shade colors, and simple colors as well. This paint application offer you an option to increase or decrease the size of the various painting tools which I mentioned in the above line.

paint tools

This Windows 8 Paint application also comes with a surface button at the top of the screen in which dry, clear, canvas, paper, and background options are provided. With the help of these options available within the surface option, users can improve the appearance of their paintings. With background option, you can select a suitable background for the painting according to your requirement. With paper and canvas option, you can select a paper and canvas of any quality. With clear option, you can clear an unwanted page.

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The worst part of this paint application was the dry option as once you click on the dry option then you cannot make any further changes in your painting.

With a single click on gallery, you can view your saved paintings. This paint application comes along with options like rename, delete, save as and many more. You can create a new page with a click on new option as this option is available in gallery as well as within the surface option.

Features Of This Paint Application:

  • Completely free paint application for Windows 8.
  • Different types of paint brush are available.
  • Adjustable brush size.
  • Offers simple and multi- shaded colors.
  • Enables you to change the size of erasers, pencils, blenders, etc.
  • Enables you to view your saved paintings in gallery.
  • Enables you to select a suitable paper, canvas, background according to your requirement.
  • Available in Windows 8 App Store.

The Final Verdict Of This Paint Application:

Fresh Paint is an awesome paint application that offer several painting tools to create a masterpiece . Go ahead and try out this free paint app from Windows 8 app store.