Paint Application For Converting Images Into Paintings: PsykoPaint

PsykoPaint is a free paint application using which you can convert images into paintings effortlessly. This paint application is very basic, but completely transforms your images/pictures into real like paintings. This paint application let’s you add effects to images in such a way that they look like hand-made paintings after adding effects. PsykoPaint even allows you to directly take pictures using webcam and convert them into paintings in no time.

PsykoPaint The interface is very basic and comes with straight-forward options to convert images into paintings.This paint application offers painting tools like bristles, splat, spray can, scribbles, lines, flowers, pointillist, sumi-o and eraser. These tools further include sliders within each of them for adjusting few options available within each of them. There’s a separate slider of background for adjusting the background.

PsykoPaint 001 PykoPaint is an easy to use paint application which can easily used by even the beginners without any artistic skills. For using this paint application, you need to launch it from the start screen and hit the Load image option for loading an image from the system hard drive. It displays the selected image on the interface with brush drop down menu and sliders with options of default selected painting tool. Click the brush drop down menu to select your preferred painting tool.

When you select a painting tool, it displays the sliders with options, so you can move the sliders to adjust the options. Now, using the mouse you can add effects to your images and convert them to paintings. Left click the mouse button without leaving the button and move it over the image for adding effect.

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Features Of This Paint Application:

  • Simple Paint application which makes painting easier like never before.
  • Easy to use application, no artistic skills required for using this application
  • Comes with Undo & Redo options.
  • Allows you to use webcam for taking an image and converting it into painting.
  • Powerful painting tools that completely converts your photos into paintings.
  • Sliders for adjusting options with each painting tool.

PsykoPaint is a smart and powerful paint application which helps you to transform your images into paintings effortlessly. Try PsykoPaint for free from Windows 8 Store.