Notepad++ For Windows 8

Notepad++ is a feature-stuffed free binary editors with full compatibility with Windows 8 operating system. Unlike Microsoft’s Notepad app, Notepad++ for Windows 8 offers more features and is more tuned for development processes.

The main highlight of Windows 8 Notepad++ is its easy-to-use & intelligent interface. When it comes about replacing the default Microsoft’s Notepad Application then nothing even comes closer to Notepad++.

You must be knowing that to edit a code file one requires a binary editor and not a word processor. That doesn’t means that a binary editor must have to be very basic.


Have a look on the features of Notepad++ for Windows 8 below.

Features Of Notepad++ For Windows 8:

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Tabbed view to edit multiple files simultaneously.
  • Supports editing in multiple encoding.
  • Code highlighting i.e. detects presence of commands  and braces. If something isn’t right in the syntax (like ;, unclosed brace, Tag, etc) then that will be highlighted. The highlighting is done on the basic of extension and not the content.
  • You can record macros and for quick and effective editing.
  • Delivers you the capability to run the code right after editing it.
  • There are many plugins that can be added to your Notepad++  installation to extend its capabilities.
  • Displays the line numbers which can be quite handy in debugging the code. (Usually the error message appears like “this error in this file at that line number”).
  • The option for finding and replacing content is much advance.
  • Even it can be utilized as a FTP code editor.

I hope the list of points stated above are sufficient to define the caliber of this simple & effective utility.

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Installing Notepad++ In Windows 8:

You can easily download Notepad++ for Windows 8 form the official website. It is recommended that go the latest version (with maximum features and bug fixes). If for form some reason you select an older version then make sure it’s not below Notepad++ v6.1.4. Notepad++ is very stable application and is versatile.

The only thing to considered is that Notepad++ is an advance editor, but not an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It performs best for editing individual files that require minor alterations in them. It utilizes scintillate editing component, coded in c++, and utilizes pure win 32 API and thus is a fast in execution and low resource consumption. This way Notepad++ gives you another reason for giving it a try.