3 Free Windows 8 Lyrics Apps

Here are 4 free Windows 8 lyrics apps that bring you lyrics of all your favorite songs, right on your Windows 8 system. You can easily search for a song manually and get the lyrics, sing it alone and practice you singing skills anywhere, anytime.

All these lyrics Windows 8 apps are available under the ‘Music & Video’ section of Windows 8 app store. You don’t need to pay even a single penny, in order to install it in your Windows 8 system. Let me quickly point out the names of all the lyrics apps below:

  • Lyrics
  • Adele Lyrics Discovery
  • QueenLyrics

Now, let me get started with the description of each Windows 8 lyrics app, one by one with:


Windows 8 lyrics apps

Lyrics is one of the most popular Windows 8 lyrics apps that let you find lyrics of all your favorite music tracks. You can easily access more than 6 million songs’ lyrics in 18 different languages. Also, Lyrics app is integrated with a music player where you can play music while reading the lyrics, everything from within the app.

The interesting part of this Windows 8 lyrics app is that it identifies music on air at TV or radio and get the song in front of you along with complete lyrics. However, you need to have microphone connected while carrying out this activity. It can easily play wma, mp3, m4a non-DRM files. You can also purchase music tracks, or albums from iTunes, Amazon, and 7-Digital. It’s a good entertaining lyrics Windows 8 app. Go ahead and download Lyrics in Windows 8 now..

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

Download: Click Here

Adele Lyrics Discovery

Adele lyrics

It’s a bit different from others. Here, you will find lyrics to all the Adele music tracks. The app consists of total 21 popular Adele songs. As you open the app, you will find three different sections: 19, 21, and Others. As you click on one, you will find a large section of Adele songs along with the lyrics at the right side. It’s very simple and easy to access lyrics Windows 8 app. The app has been designed for all Adele fans who love her songs and want to enjoy them with lyrics. Go ahead and download Adele Lyrics Discovery now. Search for the app name in the Windows 8 app store, in order to get it installed.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

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Lyrics Apps Windows 8

Ending my short post with QueenLyrics that brings you lyrics of all the popular songs, right at your finger tips. As you will open the app, you will come across various albums and you need to click on one to view songs included in that album. Each album comes with a list of songs and you can easily view the lyrics of all the songs.

This Windows 8 lyrics app is very simple and easy to access. But, the disappointing part is that there is not Search option available here in this lyrics app for Windows 8. Nonetheless, you can try out the albums available. Go ahead and download QueenLyrics in Windows 8 now. Well.. in order to install QueenLyrics, you need head over to the store and search for it.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free