Music Streaming Application For Windows 8: Gaana App

Gaana app is a free music streaming application which enables the users of Windows 8 to listen unlimited songs starting from the oldest hit Hindi songs to the latest Bollywood songs at zero cost. You can even listen to Indian folk and regional songs on this music streaming application. The interface of this free music streaming application is systematically categorized into different categories like popular tracks, featured albums, featured playlist, and popular artist.


Within this app users will find more music collection grouped as new releases, most popular, user playlists, artists, albums, and genres. In new releases collection, you will find the music of latest movies. You will get the collection of popular songs and music with most popular option. Within the artists group, you will be able to listen the songs of several famous artist and,the good part is that, you have a choice between English and Hindi artist. You will get an awesome collection of Bollywood and Hollywood songs within the albums group. Within Genres, you can listen to songs in different languages like English, Nepali, Punjabi and many more.


I was not able to create my own playlist from the user playlists category, as there were no such options present in the user playlists category. If you are able to create your own playlist then please let me know in comments.

The interface of this music streaming App is very easy to understand, so anyone can easily use this app. All you have to do is to click on a particular song and then hit on the play option below. You can use other options like pause, shuffle, loop, and clear with a single click on any song.

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Features Of This Music Streaming Application:

  • It’s completely free.
  • Offers several popular tracks, featured albums and playlist, popular artist.
  • Provides Hollywood and Bollywood collection.
  • Facilitates Mirchi top 20, us top 20, Tamil top 20 songs.
  • Listen to songs in multiple languages with Genres option.
  • Enables you to listen songs of several famous artists.

The Final Verdict For This Music Streaming Application:

Gaana App is a completely different addition in the Windows 8 app store and offers a wide range of music in different languages. Go ahead and try out this free music streaming application.