Free Alarm Application For Windows 8: Koalarm App

Koalarm app is a free alarm application which helps Windows 8 users to use alarm and timer simultaneously at zero cost. With the alarm option present in this application, you can set multiple alarms upto 6 at the same time. You can even set day based alarms with a single click on a particular day or days you want. With this alarm application, you can set alarm for once or for every week according to your preference. All you have to do is to hit right click to set alarm for once and left click to set alarm for every week.


With Timer option of this application, you can set the countdown timer to finish a particular task within the countdown time. It makes  a sound when the countdown time hits zero to notify you. You can select any pre-installed timer from the available pre-installed timers like 5 min timer, 10 min timer and more.You can even set your own custom countdown timer using the Custom option. Within the custom option, you need to set hours, minutes, and seconds according to your preference and as you click the OK button, the timer starts the work.

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The best part about this alarm application is that you can set multiple alarms and timers at the same time.


Features Of This Alarm Application:

  • Completely free and available in Windows 8 app store.
  • Offers the functionality of both alarm and timer for Windows 8 users.
  • Enables you to create your own timer with the custom option.
  • Alerts you by making the sound.
  • Enables you to set an alarm in advance.
  • Offers you with options to set an alarm for once and for every week.
  • Beautifully designed interface.

The Final Verdict For This Alarm Application:

Koalarm app is a very basic and straight-forward alarm application which functions as an alarm and as well as a timer at the same time. Go ahead and try this excellent app from Windows 8 app store.