Modern Stopwatch: Free Stopwatch App for Windows 8 With Lap Timer

Modern Stopwatch is a free stopwatch app for Windows 8. It is a pretty simple app and only thing it provides is a stopwatch. It comes with a lap timer functionality, so you can record different time intervals when stopwatch is running. Also, it runs pretty nicely in Snapped mode as well.

We have reviewed many apps earlier that provide stopwatch and many other tools within one app (see: here, here, and here). And all of these apps provide pretty good stopwatch features. But if you need a very simple and minimal app that is purely a stopwatch, then Modern Stopwatch could be a pretty good choice.

Modern Stopwatch - Interface

Modern Stopwatch for Windows 8:

Modern Stopwatch is a very nicely designed Stopwatch app for Windows 8. This app is available in Tools category of Windows 8. You can get this app from the link given at the end of this review.

When you start this app, you will just see countdown time as zero, and buttons for Start and Clear. There is nothing else on interface.

Modern Stopwatch - Start Screen

To start the stopwatch, click on “Start” button. The stopwatch will immediately start running. The stopwatch has an accuracy of one thousandth of a second. If you want to pause the stopwatch, just click on “Pause” button, and the Stopwatch will be paused.

Modern Stopwatch - Running

To clear the stopwatch, just click on “Clear” button.

Record Lap Times with Modern Stopwatch for Windows 8:

One interesting and useful feature this app has is that it can record lap times as well. When you start the Stopwatch, you will see that the “Clear” button changes to “Lap” button. Just click on that button whenever you want to record Lap time. It will immediately show lap time on the screen, and stopwatch will keep running. If you press the Lap button again, it will record another Lap time, and so on. You can record as many lap times as you want.

Modern Stopwatch - Running With Lap Times

Run Stopwatch in Snapped Mode:

This stopwatch runs nicely in snapped mode as well. The interface has been specifically designed to fit in snapped mode, which is the perfect use of this app. When you put this app in Snapped mode, the Start and Clear button will move to bottom, still leaving enough space to show stopwatch and lap times.

Modern Stopwatch - Snapped Mode

My Opinion of Modern Stopwatch:

This is definitely not the only stopwatch app in Windows Store, and definitely not the best stopwatch app. As I said in the beginning, there are many apps that provide stopwatch feature as well as many other features. What I like in this Stopwatch app for Windows 8 is its simplicity of use, as well as option to record Lap times. In addition to that, its interface in snapped mode rocks.

So, if you are looking for a super simple stopwatch app for Windows 8, do give Modern Stopwatch a try.

Get Modern Stopwatch from Windows Store here.