Free Trivia Game For Windows 8: Quiz For Geeks

Quiz For Geeks is a free trivia game for Windows 8. The game consists of thousands of different questions related to different topics like: Mathematics, Geography, Numbers, History, Movies/TV, Spelling, Color Shades, Sports, Inventions, Phobias, Soccer Player, and many more. The game helps in improving your knowledge about these topics.

This free Windows 8 Trivia game app has many different levels (in the game, levels are termed as Territory) to unlock. Initially you will find this trivia game to be very easy, but with an increase in level, the difficulty of questions will also increase. Each level contains many different rounds. And each round contains 10 different questions. You will be given only 10 seconds for every question. Be quick and accurate to answer every question.

Quiz For Geeks

If you stuck somewhere, then you can take hints as well.  This will eliminate some of the wrong options and help you win the round.

The game also provides an online leaderboard, to check your ranking and compete with others.

Key Features of Quiz For Geeks Trivia Game for Windows 8:

  • Very interesting and simple interface.
  • Initially easy, but difficulty increases with the levels.
  • Consists of thousands of different questions.
  • Provides online leaderboard.
  • Take hints if you stuck anywhere.
  • Covers a wide range of topics.

Installing and Playing Quiz For Geeks Windows 8 Trivia game:

You can get free Quiz For Geeks game app from Windows Store by clicking on the link given at the end of this review.

After launching this game app, you will find different options: Territory (level), Online Leaderboard, Invite friends, etc.

Quiz For Geeks-Different options

Click on the Territory, to start playing. You will find only level 1 is unlocked. Click on that to start playing.

Quiz For Geeks-Levels

You will be redirected to a page where you will find questions with four different option. Out of the four, any one option is correct. Use your memory and skills to find out the correct answer. But be quick as well because you have only 10 seconds to answer a question. Click on the right option.

Quiz For Geeks-Quiz page

If your answer is right then the tile of the clicked answer glows green, but if it is wrong, then your clicked answer glows red and the tile with correct answer glows green.

Quiz For Geeks- Answering questions

If you stuck anywhere in between, you can take hints as well. You are given 5 hints for every level. So use the hints wisely.

You need to answer 8 (out of 10) correct answers to unlock other territory.

Quiz For Geeks- Unlock next territory

Check your ranking on the online leaderboard. Compete with others as well.

Quiz For Geeks- Online leaderboard


Quiz For Geeks is one of the best game apps for trivia games. The best things I found in this game are its different levels and the online leader board. I enjoyed this game a lot. The game manages to keep you busy for hours and it is addictive as well. So if you are looking for any trivia game then you are surely going to enjoy Quiz For Geeks.

Get Quiz For Geeks game app here.

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