To Dos: To Do List Manager For Windows 8

To Dos is a simple yet effective to do list manager for Windows 8 that can be easily located under ‘Productivity’ section of the Windows 8 App Store. This task list manager for Windows 8 lets you include important things to be done or items to be purchased. You can let this list to be your single reference point for activities to be performed. You won’t be needing sticky notes anymore as To Dos list manager for Windows 8 is all you need.

Creating list of tasks and activities is easy. Have a look on the points discussed below.

Using To Do List Manager For Windows 8:

  • On the interface you will be provided with a textbox and associate ‘add’ button.
  • Your task will be to type the details of task/item and press the button. The next moment, you’ll notice that the new entry will be populated on the screen with a check box in front of it.
  • The same procedure can be repeated for adding multiple entries as per requirement.  To-Dos-To-do-list-manager-for-Windows-8
  • Now, after finishing the task you can check the check box and the entry will disappear from the screen.
  • The nice thing about this application is that it also notifies you about the pending tasks right on the Start Screen.


  • This way you don’t loose track of things. Also, you can cloud sync your list (cloud sync ver. 1, supported for more than 12 to-dos).

* To Dos List Manager on Windows 8 displays entries in LIFO (last in first out) format. This adds a lot to convenience as most of the time we create a list of tasks in chronological order of tasks & activities to be accomplished.

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  • You cannot create multiple online to do list i.e. you have to manage everything by a single list. This can be quite hard to manage if your list is long.
  • The applications suits best for managing personal to do lists. You must not confuse it with an online project manager.

Installing To Dos List Manager on Windows 8

To Dos list manager for Windows 8 is an extremely lightweight application and is only 26 kb in size. You can install it quickly by visiting this link. (it is recommended to use IE 10 or later). Then click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button and follow the easy instructions placed there.

To Dos is definitely a nice application. It’s simple and too-simple at same time. What matters most is your requirement…