Windows 8 Kids Game App To Learn Maths: Number Magic

Number Magic is a free Windows 8 Kids Game app that lets small kids learn maths calculations while having fun. Using this free Windows 8 Kids Game app, kids can learn and practice mathematical skills.

This app is very simple and has been designed to be easy to start with. It is organised into four categories: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Each category has three levels of difficulty to choose from. To help kids solve difficult problems, the app also provides a scratch board where they can solve the questions.

Number Magic - Solving a question

Number Magic is freely available in Games category of Windows Store. You can view the app directly in Windows Store by clicking on the link given below at the end.

Let’s have a detailed look at this free Windows 8 Kids Game app.

Let your kids sharpen their maths skills with this Free Windows 8 Kids Game app:

The main screen of the app displays four categories with levels of difficulty. Select your level of difficulty in a category that you wish to play.

Number Magic - Main screen

The next screen will display a question and four answers. It follows the format of multiple choice questions where you are provided with four answers to choose from. Each level in a category will display ten mathematical questions to solve.

Number Magic - Category view

To help you practice and solve these questions, the app provides you with a scratch board and an eraser. You can use your mouse to write on the scratch board and solve questions.

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Kids Game app:

  • Free Windows 8 Kids Game app
  • Let small kids learn maths while having fun
  • Four categories of questions to solve
  • Three levels of difficulty to choose from
  • Offers scratch board to practice questions
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasing UI

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My Verdict:

Number Magic is a nice and useful learning app for kids. They will certainly enjoy solving questions and have fun. The availability of scratch board to solve questions makes it a complete tool for learning and sharpening maths skills. Get this app for your kids and let them practice maths with fun.  Share your feedback via comments.

Get Number Magic here!