IPL: Free Windows 8 IPL App

IPL is a free Windows 8 IPL app with the help of which you can have a live and interactive experience of real-time gaming. IPL is a part of IGN which is a place where all big time gamers doodle around.

IPL stands for IGN Pro League where you can join the outstanding battle of games and can rumble with big time pro gamers. You can also view videos of past events and can have a live video sessions of the battle. You can also read IPL news and can get the schedule of the next battle. Just click on this Windows 8 app and you can get all the latest videos related to the games played.

In addition, you can also check out the latest tweets from the gamers and the top ranking on the charts. You can view the latest outcomes from StarCraft II, League Of Legends, DOA 5 and much more. Checkout the local listings and grab the schedule over there and watch all kinds of videos with this Windows 8 IPL app.


This is the interface you are watching here, where you can see a number of games with their latest updates and videos. You can actually see the battle simulation on your screen and can get the hot and current updates with the help of these videos.

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Here, you can see the games for which you can see all the latest tweets and updates with live interactive videos straight from the IPL league and can also check the local listing from the official website. Visit here and watch the pro league championship.


You can check all the teams and current playing teams in various tournaments and games with the help of this IPL app for Windows 8 and this IGN website and can also buy tickets for the IPL 5 championship. Just install this free Windows 8 IPL app on your desktop and put your game faces on.

Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.

Go ahead and download this IPL app on your Windows 8 desktop and have fun.