7digital Music Store: Free Windows 8 Music App

7digital Music Store is a free Windows 8 Music App with the help of which you can shop for your favorite music right on your computer screen. You can buy the latest hot current music from here only. You can browse over 9 million soundtracks here and can purchase & download them to your system and can sync all the music you have got.

Just login to this music app for Windows 8 with your username and password and you can easily sync all the music you have downloaded up till now. And, if you’re new to 7digital Music Store, then just sign up to this fabulous music store which is all around the world and serve you with the best music. Download your Beethoven symphony over here and enjoy the Ode To Joy in your system. Just groove in with the amazing music you can have with this amazing little Windows 8 app.


Here at this Windows 8 music app, you can see the great works of some of the greatest musicians and singer. You can simply purchase all kinds of music from here only and just sync them with the help of 7digital. Just download the song and create your own playlist and get grooving. Click on any of the latest album and you can get your sound.

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You can see the Green Day over here and all the songs composed by them and you can have them in your account by just purchasing them from here and can also listen to them online. But, it would be a great deal to download all these amazing songs to your system and sync them into your account.


Just click on the item you want to purchase and fill in the appropriate details and it will be downloaded to your computer right away. You can also check all the soundtracks you have downloaded so far. Just click on the play button and enjoy the latest music from your playlist.

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So, just download this amazing Windows 8 music app on your Windows 8 desktop and have fun with it.