Image Editor App With Collage Maker, Cool Stickers, Graffiti Fonts

Custom GraFix is a free Windows 8 image editor app. The best thing about this app is using it you can not only resize, scale, rotate, apply effects on the photos, but also create a cool looking custom graffiti type graphics. Plus, you can also make a collage from your favorite photos.

The app lets you save the graphics on your PC in one of the following image formats: PNG, JPG/JPEG, and BMP. The list of this Windows 8 image editor app doesn’t ends here. It is nicely integrated with Windows 8 features and also allows Sharing the graphic using the Windows 8 Share Charm.

Custom GraFix - editing screen

This free Windows 8 image editor app is present under the Entertainment category in Windows Store. You can also use the Windows 8 Search Charm (Win + Q) in Windows Store to search for the app.

Create Graphics, Collages, Edit Images using Custom GraFix:

This app is pretty handy in terms of its usability. It’s not just a free Windows 8 image editor, but also a very good tool to create your own custom graphics and collages. The various tools that you’ll be using within the app are very much handy and powerful. I liked the fact that the app gives you full flexibility by providing sliders and value fields for different effects and transformation actions. The app is basically two screen app, therefore, there is no hassle of jumping between multiple screens. The first screen is the Start Screen. It’s more like a Gallery, and contains all the photo files that you have saved in your system using the Save button. Plus there’s another button to create a new photo file. If you make a right click on this screen, then you’ll get a flyout at the bottom. This flyout contain buttons for editing and deleting the photo file from the gallery.

Custom GraFix - main screen

The second screen on which you’ll be working is the Editing Screen, wherein you’ll be doing the actual work. The biggest advantage of this Windows 8 image editor app is it works on the concept of Layers! That is, all the photos, texts, collage and stickers gets added layer by layer. So if the content of a layer is spoiling the whole graphic, then you can delete it any time, without affecting other layers. Besides that, you can also rearrange the layers.

Custom GraFix - text

You can change the font, text size, color, placement, and type of alignment. Add multiple effects which includes: Gaussian Blur, Brightness,Morphology, Hue Rotation, Saturation, Displacement Map, and Drop Shadow. You can also change the number of columns and borders of images in the collage.

Custom GraFix - collage

The stickers present within the app are pretty cool, and so as the text fonts. These two alone can do the magic. You can create very cool looking graphics with them and their options. Besides that, you can add multiple photos, make a collage, clone an item, add an image to the background, change the background color, set the photo file as the lock screen image, and save or export the photo file in PNG, JPG, and BMP file format. All of these tools can be accessed by simply making a right click on the Editing Screen.

Key Features of this Windows 8 Image Editor App:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 image editor app.
  • Edit photos by transforming and adding cool set of effects.
  • Add custom graffiti type texts.
  • Add sticker.
  • Make collage.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Share Charm.

Custom GraFix - share

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Final Take on this Free Windows 8 Image Editor App:

Custom GraFix surely is a good Windows 8 image editor app. It is handy, fast, functional , and easy. I liked the smooth sliding effect that you’ll get when you move an item on the canvas. I also liked the fact that it allows to edit the saved file, anytime. You can make really nice collages using the app. And the graphics that you can make using the stickers and texts are hands down awesome. Great free app to try your hands on.

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Get Custom GraFix here.