Hide Files In Windows 8 Using Our Secret

Our Secret is a powerful and simple tool that lets you to hide files and hide text in Windows 8 PC. You can now easily hide files like audio, video, image or any text file saved in Windows 8 system.

The interface of this tool to hide files in Windows 8 is safe and intuitive. Our secret also allows to privatize and secure messages or files that you would like share only with someone special.

How To Hide Files In Windows 8:

In order to hide files in Windows 8, you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Select a carrier file
  2. Add one or more files or messages that you want to share only with a single or a group of people. You can easily check out the name and size of the file.
  3. Finally, enter the password and reconfirm the password again. Save the file to new location with different desired name.

Our Secret

You might be thinking of how to unhide the files on Our Secret on Windows 8 PC? It’s just the vice-versa to unhide files on your Windows 8 PC. All you to need to perform is that select the file, enter the password and then just you need to click on “Unhide” option.

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Features Of Tool To Hide Files In Windows 8:

  • Safe and intuitive tool to use.
  • Allows to hide secure message or file that you want to share with some one.
  • Shows the name, size and type of the to be hidden or unhidden.
  • Password protected
  • 100% free of cost

How To Install Our Secret On Your Windows 8:

  • Head over to webpage for Our Secret on your Windows 8 PC.
  • Click on “Free Download” link
  • Execute the downloaded file to your Windows 8 PC.
  • Proceed With further instruction to complete the installation.

Yup! It’s done

Our Secret is highly recommended for all users, who need to secure their files and messages.  Our Secret is a powerful tool to hide all confidential information on your Windows 8 PC.

Give it a try!