Free Workout Encyclopedia on Windows 8: GymGuide

GymGuide is a your free and personal trainer and workout encyclopedia available at anytime on your Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop. The app is full of exercises, there are around 804 different exercises on GymGuide.

GymGuide covers exercises for shoulders, biceps, forearms, chest, abs, quads, neck, traps, triceps, lats, middle back, lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The landing panel of GymGuide consists of a human body on the left where you have all these different names mentioned, from here you can choose on which area you want to start with exercise.

Free exercise encyclopedia

With GymGuide you can improve your fitness and health level. GymGuide is a complete package featuring pictures, videos and step by step guides to help you work on your body well and in a systematic manner. This great workout encyclopedia can help you become your own trainer as there are many exercises available to start working from.

There are no unnecessary menus, settings or tabs in the app, it is clean and nicely designed app. The color of the user-interface of GymGuide has been chosen well too, the contrast of the colors with a dark background makes the list of exercises more approachable.

Free GymGuide app

Each section of GymGuide has a large range of exercises, the lowest number of exercises are in Neck section which is 7. For better results read the description of each exercise, follow the pictorial instructions and watch the video. All these three elements make exercise have much more clear understanding and know what will be done and how will it be done.

Comparatively, GymGuide has everything an individual seeking fitness is looking for. It serves all the wants, the want of maintaining the fitness, want of reducing weight, understanding exercises, why they are done and many more. All the exercises mentioned in the app are based on machines used in a gym.

GymGuide list of exercises

The app is a perfect answer for you if you are fitness seeker, enthusiast, trainer or just an individual looking for bunch of exercises on a particular type.

Get GymGuide.