Free App Discovery for Window 8: AppSwitch

Searching apps for Windows 8 has become easier with AppSwitch. You don’t have to spend your time browsing the whole bunch of apps on the Windows Store to find what you are looking for. It is a free app for Windows 8 and 8.1.

AppSwitch is an app discovery app for Windows 8 that lets you search best app alternatives available in the Windows Store on your desktop and phone. It is a really good app for people who have recently moved from Android or iOS to Windows Phone, not only this anyone using Windows 8 and above on desktop can also use this great app for searching best alternatives for any particular app.

free app finder

The app is very interactive and has well defined menus and tabs on the dashboard. You can browse featured, latest, popular and top rated apps from AppSwitch startup page or dashboard.

To find an app alternative you can simply write the app’s name in the search bar and within seconds you can browse different options available for that particular app. AppSwitch will show you both free and paid apps to download from the Windows Store.

Search apps on Windows

At once you can browse apps from Windows Store, Apple App Store, Android Play Store or Google Play and Blackberry App World. The app can be added to favorites on AppSwitch.

You can also check the appropriate app matches, alternatives or matches using the Suggest Matches tab. It will take you to another page where you can first search for the Windows App, then search in second search bar of iOS, Android or Blackberry. In the last column, AppSwitch will show the suggested matches for both the apps.

Free suggested matches for apps

You can receive notifications for apps using AppSwitch’s Notification tab. In Notification tab, you will have to login with your Microsoft Account to use the device and to allow AppSwitch to send you notifications whenever an update for any app is available in the Windows Store.

AppSwitch is a great app for Windows 8 users to search and browse free and paid apps for any specific app. Get AppSwitch.