Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game App to Connect Same Color Dots

Link X is a free puzzle game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which allows you to test your brains by joining the dots via pipes. The pipes can be formed by clicking and dragging your mouse along the empty blocks on the grid. The pipes should be drawn in such a way that they don’t intersect, and if you are able to accomplish this, you get a perfect score. If your pipes intersect, you can still redo your moves but that way you won’t be able to attain a perfect score. Overall, the game is well designed and makes for a great app to have on devices running Windows 8 or 8.1.

Link X is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Link X for Windows 8 and 8.1:

When you fire up the Link X app post its installation on your Windows 8 or 8.1 device, you will be presented with the main menu interface of the game. In this interface, you can either choose to start the game, read the rules of the game or to read the about section of the game. The main menu of the game is shown below.

Link X main screen

It’s recommended that you read the rules of the game if you are playing the game for the first time. To read the rules of the game, click on the How To Play button. When you do so, you will be presented with the rules screen which looks like the below screenshot.

Link X how to play

You can return back to the home screen by pressing the home icon at the top. Now, click on the Play button to go to the level selection screen. The level selection screen is shown below.

Link X level select

Once a level is selected, you will be taken to the stage selection screen next. In the stage selection screen, you will be able to choose from a large number of stages that you can select from. The stage selection screen is shown below.

Link X stage select

Each level has 150 stages, with 30 stages on one screen. You can see more stages by using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the stage selection screen. Once a stage has been selected, the gameplay will start. The gameplay screen is shown in the below screenshot.

Link X gameplay

In the gameplay, you have to connect the dots via pipes in such a manner that they don’t intersect. you can see above that I have already made a blunder and now I can’t connect the red dots as the yellow pipe is in the way. You have to make sure to avoid this error. Once a stage is complete, you will be shown your score.

Link X stage complete

So overall, this is how you play the Link X game on your Windows 8 device, and this basically wraps up the main features of the game. You can also check out the Numberlink and Bubble Pairs, which are similar game apps.


Link X is a very well designed game app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices which allows you to test your IQ by connecting the dots. The game is very addictive and hence makes for a great download!

I rate the game a 4 out of 5!

Get Link X.