Free Windows 8 Pool Game App: Cue Breakers

Cue Breakers is a free pool game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. The game has a clean interface wherein you can easily choose your enemy player with whom you wish to play the pool game. The game has single player as well as multi player modes, and this makes it interesting if you have a partner who wants to play alongside you. The single player mode also has a lot of difficulty levels that you can select and choose from to start playing the game, and the game’s difficulty levels are designed in a way such that they will cater to people who are even beginners on the game. The interface of the gameplay looks realistic, and what’s more, the app also has upbeat background tracks that keep playing in a loop to keep you hooked to the game.

Cue Breakers is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Cue Breakers for Windows 8:

When you install and launch the Cue Breakers game app, you will be presented with the below shown interface on your screen.

Cue Breakers Main Screen

From the above screen, you will be able to select the difficulty type of the game which you wish to play. You can select from Single Player Training, Single Player Ranked etc. game modes. When I chose the Single Player ranked game mode, I was presented with an interface of difficulty selection which is shown below.

Cue Breakers Choose Difficulty

You can choose the difficulty level of the game by simply clicking on the tile corresponding to the level at which you wish to play. Once you have chosen a difficulty level, you will be taken to the gameplay screen which looks like the below screenshot.

Cue Breakers Gameplay

Here, you can aim the cue stick with your mouse, and you will be able to see the direction that the aimed ball will travel in when you aim the stick. To shoot, simply press the spacebar. You can also hold the spacebar to charge up the shot power, and you can see the shot power being charged up at the  bottom right. The game also allows you to zoom in or out using the buttons at the bottom left (+ and – buttons), and you also have the convenience of pausing the game at any point in time by pressing the Esc. key. Once the game is over, you will be shown your result on the screen (see below screenshot).

Cue Breakers Game Over

This basically wraps up the main features of the Cue Breakers game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. You can also read more about the King Of Pool – Free and Robotek games for Windows 8 and 8.1.


Cue Breakers is a well designed pool game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which allows you to play pool on your device at your own convenience and free time without having to visit a Pool game parlor. The game app is well designed and has nice background tracks, easy controls and no ads that make it a perfect pool game app for Windows 8 and 8.1.

I rate the app a 4 out of 5!

Get Cue Breakers.