Free Windows 8 eBook App: Liberty Book Reader

Liberty Book Reader is a free Windows 8 eBook app. With this app you can not only upload and read eBooks from your hard disk, but also download and read some of the classic books with good quality stories, all for free. The popular eBook formats supported within the app includes: ePub, FB2, and PDF.

The app is basically a client version of the official Liberty Reader web app. It allows you to login to your Liberty Reader account from within the app and manage your account settings, purchase history, etc. You can also change the reading theme from normal to night, and create bookmarks and notes. This free eBook app is pretty easy and fast.

If you like to read eBooks, or want to read some of the best classics (both free and paid), then this free Windows 8 eBook app is the app for you. You can get Liberty Book Reader under the Books & Reference Category in Windows Store.

Liberty Book Reader - Main Screen

Exploring more about this Free Windows 8 eBook App:

Like I said before, the app is pretty fast in terms of functionality. It has got good user interface. And above all, the main purpose of this free Windows 8 eBook app, which is giving the reader a really good reading experience, is completely met. The app consists of both free as well as paid eBooks. But don’t get the idea that the free books aren’t good. Well actually they are equally good as the paid ones are. You can easily browse through the inbuilt Bookstore. All you have to do is click on the Bookstore Button at the Main Screen, and you’ll be directed to the Bookstore screen.

The number of classic books from around the world is amazing. The books are categorized according to their genre, which includes: Detective, Children, Classic, Adventure, Antique Literature, Poetry, and Dramaturgy. And as a gift the developers of this free Windows 8 eBook app are giving out the Classics Books for free. The books are from renowned writers, to name a few: Mark Twain, Frank Baum, Daniel Defoe, Lewis Caroll, Sir Walter Scott, Egdar Allan Poe, and many more.

Liberty Book Reader - Bookstore Screen

This free Windows 8 eBook app lets you add books from your hard disk, and allows you to read them within the app. The books that you read, gets added to your Bookshelf, which is completely manageable. And like mentioned before, you can also log in to your Liberty Reader account from within the app itself, and access it through your Windows 8 screen. If in case, you don’t have a Liberty Reader account, there’s no need to panic. This free Windows 8 eBook Reader app lets you create a new Liberty Reader account. You can also create an account with your Facebook credentials.

Reading eBooks within the app is a great experience, the features that I liked at this point are: you can change the reading mode from Normal to Night Mode, create a bookmark with single mouse click, create a note by simply selecting the lines and making a right click.

Liberty Book Reader - Reading Book

For weary eyed people, the app gives options to change the font style & size, alignment, margins, reading modes, etc., to the ones with which they are comfortable. Besides changing these reading styles, you can also create your own reading styles. This is one powerful feature of the app.

Liberty Book Reader - Creating Own Style

Key Features of this free eBook App for Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 eBook App.
  • Supports good collection of world classic ebooks.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search and Settings Charms.
  • Supported with good eBook reading controls.
  • Options to create, save, and edit your own reading styles.
  • Classic category ebooks are available for free.

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Final Note:

Liberty Book Reader is a good eBook reader app for Windows 8. The range of books that you can browse and read is something praiseworthy. The book reading feature is also very impressive. You won’t find any ads, and the buttons for jumping to a page, notes, bookmarks, and table of contents makes the app very fast. One more interesting feature of this Windows 8 app is it opens the book  from where you left it last time. All in all, it’s totally free good Windows 8 eBook reader app!

Get Liberty Book Reader here.