Free Windows 8 Contact Manager: Contact and Address Book

Contact & Address Book is a free contact manager app for Windows 8 and 8.1. It is a great app for organizing your contacts in your computer.

Contact & Address Book has been developed by the Adept Applications LLC that creates apps for different operating systems to make organizing of different aspects easier and handy for the customer.

This contact manager app by Adept Applications LLC can be used for keeping important contact details and keeping address of people in your desktop for fast access. The features of Contact & Address Book free edition makes it stand out of the market of the contact managing apps.

Contact and Address Book

Contact & Address Book can easily create contacts, keep address book and also create and keep notes in it. You can easily import and export contacts in the app and from the app using the Import Contacts and Export Contacts buttons on the dashboard.

Additional settings can be changed for the contact, you can sort the contact list by Firstname Lastname or Lastname Firstname and list contacts by Firstname Lastname or Lastname Firstname. You can also change the background color for the entire app using the Background settings.

Contact and Address Book

In the contact of a person, you can add these fields First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Work Phone, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Personal Email, Work Email, Gender, Age, Birthday and Relation. In addition to the information for the contact, you can also add an image or the picture of the person in his or her contact information.

The Contact & Address Book app is small and does not take much time to open. It has a good user-interface with systematically aligned buttons for different actions. It is a great app to keep all your contacts handy so that you don’t have to open your phone or diary again and again to browse the contact information of people.

Download Contact & Address Book.