Free Birthday Reminder App: Birthday Social Calendar

We all have the tendency to forget birthdays of friends, family members, kin, colleagues, acquaintances and of so many more people. But it is easy to remember all the important birthdays with Birthday Social Calendar sending you birthday reminders.

Birthday Social Calendar is a free Windows 8 and 8.1 app that integrates with your Facebook account and saved the birthdays of everyone in your friend list to its calendar. The other social networks are said to be integrated soon by the developers but presently it supports Facebook.

Birthday Reminder

After the app is installed on your desktop, it will ask you to log in to your Facebook account to access the public profile and integrate your Facebook friend list to add the birthdays of your friends in Birthday Social Calendar. At the time of logging in Birthday Social Calendar will ask for your permission to access your profile, click on Ok.

The birthday reminder app contacts with the server of your Facebook profile and displays birthdays of your Facebook friends on its screen with big thumbnails with their name below. On top of the thumbnail of your friend, it will show a small gift with the birthday on it. If you have set a notification for the birthday of your friend then a small bell will also appear on the thumbnail near the gift box.

Birthday Social Calendar

You can change the notification settings for each friend’s birthday reminder by clicking on the birthday of the friend. It will be like an alarm as you will set the time for the reminder of the birthday. All the birthdays will be organized under months. The thumbnails also show how old they will be, if they have set to share the age with their friends including you. On the bottom right side, you will see a small minus sign, if you click on it, the birthdays will be combined into months and will show in terms of big red gifts.

In the app, there are no further settings of any kind. You cannot logout from your Facebook account once logged in. But it can be done so if you wish to uninstall the app.

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