Free Text Editor For Windows 8: Fonto

It is easy to add text to your images with Fonto; this text editor app is free for Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. Fonto is an app that can add an overlay effect to the text you added over the image.

To import an image in the app, you will have to click on the +Add button on the top left side of the app screen. Another page will open, here you can browse the image and open it. From the bottom menu, you can add text to the image. Click on the bar above Shape Text and enter the text you want to write on the image.

Free Text Editor For Windows

You can change the font of the text on the image with the help of the Fonts button beside the Shape Text option. There are various fonts that can be chosen to be overlay on the image. You can also increase or decrease the opacity of the text. If you will increase the opacity from 21 the text will be shown with the image on its outside. But if you want the image to be covered inside the text then you will have to decrease the opacity to lesser than 21.

Free Text Editor

You can also check out text touch app and Zapi picfx for more such effects.

The image size can be changed by clicking on the white bars that are around the image you have added. The text color can be changed using the Hue toggle bar, the lightness of it can be measured and changed from the toggle bar below the Hue bar. You can add multiple images in the app and add texts to them with different colors, font, opacity and lightness. The images that are created can be saved and shared. You can share the image with email. You can save the image to your desktop in PNG, BMP and JPEG format.

Download Fonto.