Free Simulation Game For Windows 8: Drop Me!

Drop Me! is a free simulation game which is developed by Cube Games Studio for Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. The game is really interesting for all age group gamer.

The game is based on the simple theory where you have to help the little pink, blue and purple creature eat the strawberry and then fall into their respective tunnel. There are many levels in Drop Me! that you have to finish to reach further in the game. The difficulties in the game keep on increasing as you keep moving to different levels.

Free Simulation Game For Windows 8:


The difficulties in the game include orange bars that can be popped to make the way clear for the little creatures, bombs that can help in blasting the area nearby to help the little creatures fall apart into their tunnels, purple swirling teleportation bubbles, mud colored similar looking creatures and many more interesting things. If the little purple, blue or pink creature falls then the game ends automatically.

Drop Me!

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The game is a real fun to play on your desktop. The graphics in the game are good, it has nice color scheme for not only the creatures but also the background and the elements of the game. The music of Drop Me! is also nicely chosen as it does not give a hard sound but is sweet. You can switch the sound of the game on and off by clicking on the sound icon on top left. If you are not satisfied with your score or how you played the level then you can click on the reply icon to play the game again. After clearing every level, you are rewarded different trophies that you can view by clicking on the trophy icon from home. The game has no options or menus in the game.

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