Free Sensor App For Windows 8: Sensor List

Sensor list is a free Sensor App for Windows 8 and 8.1,  which gives you the information, and status of all the available sensors in your Windows 8 device. It is a very light Windows 8 App, which requires a disk space of just 250 KB, and hardly takes any time to download on your computer. You can get this app for free on your Window 8 and 8.1 PC. Just click on install, and you can check all the sensors available on your device.

Windows 8 sensor app
Windows 8 sensor app

The software checks out different types of sensors installed on your device. Here are the functions, that this Sensor App can carry out:

  • Accelerometer: Test the Accelerometer installed on your Windows 8 device. If you are in motion, you can test the Accelerometer of your device, to map your speed.
  • Gyroscope: Check Gyrometer of Windows 8 PC with the help of this App. The Gyrometer tells you the gyro parameters in XYZ co-ordinates.
  • Compass: This sensor lets you use Windows 8 PC as compass. This app lets you find out the Magnetic, and True North directions.
  • Geolocator: Check out the feature of Geolocation, with the help of which, you can locate yourself. You can find out specific information of your location, like: altitude, latitude, longitude, etc. With the help of Geolocation, you can track yourself on a map. It also depicts the accuracy of the location.
  • Light Sensor: It thoroughly checks out the Light Sensor. Test the luminosity of the environment, using this Sensor App.
  • Connectivity: This app also checks out the most important part of your Windows device, that is the connections. It tests the connectivity of your Windows device with the network to find out network parameters, like: Internet Access status, Authentication, Speed, Data Usage, etc.
  • Inclinometer: Test the Inclinometer, if it is available on your Windows 8 device. With the help of this sensor, you can check the Pitch, Roll, and Yaw of the device. It can be used to find out if a surface is flat, or inclined toward any direction.
Windows 8 sensor app
windows 8 sensor app

The main highlight of this Windows 8 Sensor App is to check all the available sensors on board and whether they are working properly. You can also view the total number of sensors that are active or present on your Windows 8 device. Go ahead, install this awesome app today, and check if all your sensors are functional, or not.  It does not even occupy much space on your system.

Download Sensor List for Windows 8 and 8.1.