Free Racing game For Windows 8: Crazy Track Bike

Crazy Track Bike is a Free Racing game For Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed by RTG games, this awesome game will let you ride bikes on difficult tracks. You just don’t have to ride your bike, but perform various stunts while playing this racing game for Windows 8. Collect points to buy and ride on new bikes. Yes, there is a collection of bikes available which you will have to buy from Garage. This game gets tough but really exciting as you proceed. So gear up for a completely different experience of riding bike.


How To Install Crazy Track Bike On Windows 8 Devices:

This is a 6.7 MB racing game for Windows 8. Installing it is pretty simple. Look for the download page link at the end of this article. You can also manually go to Windows App Store and look for this game by searching it from its name. When at the installation page, click the Install button. This downloads and installs Crazy track Bike automatically.


How To Play Crazy Track Bike On Windows 8 Devices:

This racing game can be played simply from keyboard. When you begin playing this game, instructions are displayed for controlling your bike. Click on the play button to proceed to the level selection page of this racing game for Windows 8.


The first level, that is mountains has various sub levels inside it. You can only enter Mountains level when you begin playing. Clear the Mountains level to proceed to the next one. There’s also an option to choose your favorite bike to ride.


Click on the Garage button to view all the bikes available. Bike can be bought through stars. Collect stars to buy new bikes.


Use the navigation keys to control your bike in this racing game for Windows 8. Up and Down keys can be used for acceleration and braking, respectively. the Turn keys can be used to balance your bike. If your bike starts to lean forward, use the back key, and if it begins to lean back, use right key to balance towards front.


Various tracks with different structures are available to test your bike riding skills. This includes loops and jumping platforms.


For every stunt performed and the air time achieved, you are awarded points. You can view total score on the screen.


Once the level completes in this racing game for Windows 8, total score, with time taken and stars achieved is displayed.


Final verdict…

This is an excellent bike racing game for Windows 8. Play through all the levels to test your riding skills. the visuals are minimal but very attractive.

Download Crazy Track Bike for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.