Free Pool Game For Windows 8: 8 Ball Masters

8 Ball Masters is a Free 8 Ball Pool Game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. There are many Pool games available on Windows App Store, but this one is different and more exciting. How? It lets you play 8 Ball Pool tournament. There’s no option to play a single game. Win a tournament and get huge reward for each win. One more feature that keeps it apart from conventional Pool games for Windows 8 is that, you can only view extended lines from Cue to the White ball. Extended lines for the direction of white ball after strike is not displayed. This makes this Pool Game for Windows 8 more difficult and exciting. Lets us know more about this awesome Windows 8 pool game.


How To Install 8 Ball Masters on Windows 8 Devices:

Developed by CTY Studio, this game occupies just 10 MB of space on your computer. Click the Install button on this game’s installation page on Windows App Store. Link to the Installation page is available late in the article. You can also search for it by its name on Windows App Store.


How To Play 8 Ball Masters on Windows 8 Devices:

This Pool game for Windows 8 is pretty simple to play. All you need is you mouse to play it. Set the direction of cue and shoot it to play. When you begin playing this game, you will be asked to choose different locations where you can play. By default, Paris location is unlocked. Win Paris tournament to play others.


After you select a tournament, you will view the match table. It looks something like this.


Keep winning to progress in the tournament. When the game starts, you have to set the direction of cue. Look at the bar available on the right side of the screen. Pull that bar below and release it to hit the ball.


The more you pull, harder the strike will be. Pull a little to strike with low intensity. The first ball a player pots, becomes their ball, that is either striped or solid. After potting all the balls which belong to you, pot the black 8 ball to win the game.


Keep winning the game to advance to next levels of tournament.


With all the points you win, you can buy new Cues. These cues are better to play with and look classy.


Final verdict..

This 8 Ball Pool game for Windows 8 is one of the best games available on Windows App Store. The graphics are good and the tournament option makes this game more lively to play.

Download 8 Ball Masters for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.