Free Racing Game For Windows 8: Car Run

Car Run is a free racing game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. With average graphics and amazing level detailing, this racing game is a great way of having fun and passing time. The game has few levels or maps, and are initially unlocked. With every level, circuit becomes more complex while driving the car. As long as there is fuel in the tank, you can race on the road. While racing, you need to protect the car all the time from the police chasing you, and make sure that the car would not get busted. You can choose from different cars and routes; though, you need to earn stars in order to unlock more cars and maps. Some controls are available on the screen except steering, which can be controlled using your keyboard.


How To Install Car Run On Windows 8 Devices:

This car racing game for Windows 8 can be found and installed from Microsoft App Store. In the App Store, you need to search for the game with the same name. Or, you can also follow the link provided later in the article and you will be redirected to Microsoft App Store, where you can get the game. Once you found the game on App store, click install. The game will be installed and saved to your computer.


How To Play Car Run On Windows 8 Devices:

There is not much to do beforehand, apart from choosing a car and the route. Once you click Start, the car starts to race on a straight road. There is no way you can stand still, hence the car will be moving continuously. You need to drive in a manner, that the police car, chasing you from the very beginning, would not be able to catch you.


The main objective is that you have to earn as many stars while driving your way escaping the police. The more stars you have, more cars and maps you will be able to unlock.


Each car has its own Power, Performance, and Head Start. Better cars and few routes are initially unlocked, so you need to gain stars to unlock them. You can always check, where do your rank of all the players ever played the game.

You can also buy stars directly on the application, if you can’t wait to earn stars by yourself.

Watch Gameplay of Car Run on YouTube.


This free racing game for Windows 8 is fun to play. Even though the graphics of this game is not up to mark, you will enjoy playing this game.

Download Car Run for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.