Free Adventure Game For Windows 8: Avoid!!

Avoid!! is an interesting and free adventure game for Windows 8. If you are looking for a game which is simple, lite, entertaining, and can keep you busy, then Avoid!! is what you need to download. Let, me tell you, that this game works on both Windows 8 touch screen devices and Windows 8 computers. This adventure game is about the journey of tiny and cute sea creatures, on their way to the top of the ocean. But, the journey is not too easy as the ocean is too deep and full with dangerous sea creatures; electrical jelly fish being one of them. So make your creature reach the top in this endless adventure game for Windows 8.


How To Install Avoid!! On Windows 8 Devices:

This is a very tiny application, which will capture around 10 MBs of space on your device. To download and install this game, you will have to go to Microsoft Store and find this game through the search bar. You can also click on the Download link given below in the article, which will take you to the game’s page on Microsoft Store. When at the game’s page, click on Install option t download and install this game automatically.


How To Play Avoid!! On Windows 8 Devices:

Playing this adventure game for Windows 8 is pretty simple, you can tap on the screen to move the player on a touchscreen device, or press Space Bar or click on the screen to move. The idea of this game is to move your player in upward direction. Each click/tap pushes it up a bit.


When you begin playing this adventure game, you will find a stream of sea creatures moving around. You have to avoid contact with them, and move as high as you can to score. As you play, the ambiance around you keeps changing, giving the game a very good visual effect.


You can buy new creatures to play with, from the points collected. These points will be collected as you play this adventure game for Windows 8.


For each new achievement you are prompted and awarded.


Avoid sticking to a creature, or you will be dead in no time, and will have to start all over again.


When your character dies, current score along with top score is displayed. A leader board is also available.


This adventure game for Windows 8 is an interesting one, and visually very pleasing. Also the gameplay keeps your mind busy.

Download Avoid!! for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.