Free News App for Windows 8: News360

News360 is one of the best and free news app for your Windows 8 and 8.1 which brings news related to your interest from different sources across the web.

At the startup of this news app, News360 asks you to sign in or get started. If you have an account already then you can login to it to have a personalized experience of news from News360. If not, then you can click on get started to choose the topics of your interest from the next page of the news app to have your own personalized space of news feed.

Free News App

The categories covered by News360 in the news app include technology, science, business, graphic design, music, sports, politics, photography, arts, health, cooking, fashion and beauty, gaming, theatre and ballet, lifestyle, movies, relationships, geek culture, personal finance, celebrities, books, healthy living and startups. After choosing the topics you can click on Assemble 360 on the top right side of the screen. The app will now bring you a whole new news feed compiled on the basis of selection. The app accumulates news from different sources and brings the news to the feed depending on what you chose in categories or in genres of the news.

Free News App

The articles are shown in form of tiles with featured image, title of the article and snippet from the article about the news. The name of the publishing source of the news is also written in small letter below the snippet along with when it was written.

To bring the menu, you can right click anywhere on the news app and it will show you the menu options and categories of the news. You can login to the app with your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google or sign in with Mail ID.

Download News360.