Free Game App For Windows 8: Lamphead Adventure

Lamphead Adventure is a free game app developed by Oriplay Games for Windows 8 and 8.1 and is an adventure game type. The game is based on the story where the main character has a head of lamp who has to go through different dangerous and darkened places while collecting different bonuses and points.

The game has a really different method of playing, the Lamphead man moves up and down the walking lane with the help of the mouse’s clicks. The main motive is to save the Lamphead from hitting dangerous elements like blades, sharp points, etc., and also you have to collect different bonuses shown on the lanes.

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As you keep playing the game, the light of the lamp keeps decreasing and to increase the power of it you can take battery bonus available as you keep walking. In addition to this, the speed of the game play also keeps increasing so you have to keep a good pace with how the game is going and how you are walking and collecting the bonus things. Dash as quickly as you can to walk for the longest distance.

Lamphead Adventure

The graphics of the game are really remarkable and quite interesting. The environment of the game is dark as the Lamphead man is walking to reach the goals. The bonus points and elements are shown with little highlights over them. The walking lane and the hurdles in the game are of black or dark grey color. The game has been developed keeping in mind that the players are always excited when playing it. It is a never ending game where the speed of the game keeps increasing, the hurdles keep coming and you keep earning different points and bonus things. The sound and music of the game app has been kept subtle and simple.

Download Lamphead Adventure.