Free Invoice Management App: BizXpert Invoice

BizXpert Invoice is helpful for keeping and generating invoices in your Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop and also for managing your inventory easily.

When you start BizXpert Invoice, it shows you the basics of the app in form of a tour. It shows you all the important details you need to know about the app, its functioning and about the systems. BizXpert Invoice supports you in managing your day to day business activities. It lets you to save and send, save and print and export to pdf the generated invoices. BizXpert Invoice supports three currencies US Dollar, Euro and Canadian Dollar presently. You change the default currency for your entire app by going to your company’s account.

BizXpert Invoice app

BizXpert Invoice is not just an invoice generating or invoice management app but it can do other things as well. It has product management where you can see all your added products of the inventory. In the inventory, you can edit the products right from the tab of it. There are various for editing the information of the product such as name, unit of quantity, unit price, tax, inventory management, par level, notes and photo.

BizXpert Invoice can also help you in keeping adding your appointments with different clients and customers and tracking it. The appointment section is divided in two modes clients and products. Clients section shows the appointments on the basis of the client and the products section shows appointments arranged in the manner of the product the client might be requiring. You can also create invoice from the appointment. BizXpert Invoice is also helpful in keeping your stock documents.

free inventory app

This invoice management app also documents your expenses, it records all the expenditure you incurred and on what. Thus money management is also covered easily by BizXpert Invoice. Lastly, you can view who are your top clients in a pie-chart representation. This tells you which client has had more transactions with you in a particular time span.

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