Free Windows 8 Expense Manager: Money Lover

Money Lover is a free expense manager app enabling you to keep track of all your financial data for Windows 8 and 8.1.  It is a powerful tool to manage your personal expenses.

When the app opens, it asks you to choose your language. There are many languages supported by Money Lover like English, Spanish, Turkish, German, French, Deutsch, Italian, Bahasa, Portuguese, Hebrew and many more. You need to create an account to access the Money Lover app. You can set the app to run in background and send you notifications or not when your account logs in.

Expense Manager app

You can add a wallet by giving the name, setting the currency and adding the initial balance of the wallet. Supported currencies by Money Lover include US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Reais, Yen, Australian Dollar, Turkish Liras, Moroccan Dirham, New Zealand Dollar, Qatar Riyal and a lot more.

Money Lover uses your location, you can enable and disable it from the settings of the app. Adding a transaction in the app is easy, you can click on the plus button at the bottom right and then add the details about your expense and click on the tick button at the bottom center.

The categories in which you can add your expenses are divided in two sub categories namely expenses including education, transport, friends and lover, family, medical, shopping, loan, invest, other; income including salary, award, selling, give, interest money, debt and other. Note that some of the categories are locked but can be availed in paid app. In the transaction you can add name of the person who was with you in that transaction, add a photo and location.

Finance Manager

This interactive expense manager app helps you in planning transactions, debts, budgets, savings and events. One of the best features of Money Lover is that it lets you add many wallets, so you can easily manage all your expenses under one app.

You can backup the data entered and saved in the save, you can export it as well. Not only this, you can even restore the data of the app.

Download Money Lover.