Free Flight Simulator Game For Windows 8: Helicopter Rescue Flight Sim

Helicopter Rescue Flight Sim is a free flight simulator game for Windows 8. This awesome game has been developed and published by UK Arts Games. This advanced flight simulator game takes you on a rescue mission to save people. You are the only pilot available on board and you have to make several rescue attempts. The people’s only hope is you, so evacuate them from their rescue points as soon as possible. The rescue involves locating the rescue point, uplifting the people from there, and bringing them back to base. This flight simulator game can be an awesome experience for you. Read more below.


How To Install Helicopter Rescue Flight Sim on Windows 8 Devices:

This flight simulator game is available for download on Windows App Store. It occupies 45.6 MB of space on  your computer. To install this game, click on the download page link at the bottom of this article. You can also look for the game on Windows App Store by searching it using the search box. Click Install in the search box to automatically download and install this game.


How To Play Helicopter Rescue Flight Sim on Windows 8 Devices:

You can use your PC’s mouse and computer to play this flight simulator game for Windows 8. Use the WASD keys to move the helicopter around and use mouse to lift or lower the helicopter by clicking on the on screen controls.


There are various levels that you can play. The first level is unlocked by default. The later levels can be unlocked by clearing the previous level to it.


The mission objective is displayed once this flight simulator game begins. You are given a time limit to spot, rescue, and bring people back to base. Drag the button on the left bottom corner of the screen up to lift the helicopter, then use the WASD keys to move around.


Attain a sufficient height to locate the rescue spot. You can locate the rescue spot as red flares are being lit up.


Once you reach the rescue spot in this flight simulator game for Windows 8, a rope button will appear. Lower the rope to pull people up. Now, get back to your base, and land successfully to rescue them.


There are various other interesting missions. Like this one to locate people during night. You have to locate resue spot in a hilly terrain and bring them back.


Our Verdict:

You can easily control the helicopter in this flight simulator game for Windows 8. The graphics are pretty awesome and the gameplay is smooth. You must try this action packed game.

Download Helicopter Rescue Flight Sim for Windows 8 and 8.1.