Free Action Game For Windows 8: Alan Jumper

Alan Jumper is a free Action Game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. It is a simple game where your character Alan has to jump from one platform to another to reach his target. The jumps may prove to be fatal if you do not jump correctly. It requires accuracy to play this game, so be ready for some good mind exercise.  Also this action game for Windows 8 may get addictive once you start playing it. It is a perfect time killer if you are bored. Know more about this jumper game for Windows 8 below along with installation process.


How to Install Alan jumper on Windows 8 Devices:

This action game for Windows 8 occupies approximately 9 MB of space on your computer. You can also install and play it on Windows 8 tablets and phones. The link to download page on Windows pp Store is available below; keep reading. You can also go to Windows App Store, search for the game by its name, then click Install on installation page to download and install this game automatically.


How to Play Alan jumper on Windows 8 Devices:

To play Alan Jumper, all you need is to click and hold your mouse (on PC) or simply tap and hold on screen (on Tablets). Click on the Huge play button to begin this action game for Windows 8.


Click on How to Play to view the mini pictorial tutorial. Hold the screen down to fill the yellow bar till you think its enough for Alan to make a jump. The more you push the yellow bar, more the jump power will be.


This is the yellow power bar looks like. The bar has to be filled just perfect so that you do not stay back or fall ahead of the next pillar.


If you land at the corner of a pillar, then also you are going to fall. So make sure your jumps in this action game for Windows 8 are perfect. While you play this jumping game for Windows 8, your score is displayed on the screen.


The final score is displayed, along with the high score after Alan falls and dies. there are no lives, so you will have to start all over again once Alan dies. No other character is available, its just Alan and you in this game.

Our Verdict:

This action game for Windows 8 is a jumping game with one character and a very addictive gameplay. The graphics are minimal but catchy. You must try this game if you are looking for a new game to get rid of boredom.

Download Alan Jumper on Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.