Free Endless Running Game for Windows 8: Spicy Run

Spicy Run is a running game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 where you play as a chicken nugget from McDonald’s. In the game, you have to make the chicken nugget jump over obstacles, collect power ups like spices and chilies, coins, etc. The game gets over when you hit any obstacle, as you fall off the track which is actually in the air. The game has a gripping background music which plays in a continuous loop, and the controls of the game are very easy. Simply use your arrow buttons (left and right) to move towards the left and right directions, and use the spacebar button to jump. It’s important to note that for devices with only touch displays and no external keyboards, this game is useless as it’s NOT touch friendly. Now that’s something I want the developer to improve upon in a future update.

Spicy Run has great smooth graphics, and requires an internet connection to run to sync with the online leaderboard.

Let’s dive in and review the game:

The landing page of the game allows you to start the game, access the online leaderboard, etc. You can see the main menu aka the landing page of the game in the screenshot attached.

Spicy Run main screen

Simply click on the Play The Game button at the center of the screen to start the game itself. Once pressed, you will be able to play as a rolling chicken nugget who has to collect power ups and avoid obstacles along the way!

The gameplay: Once the game starts, be prepared to witness an interface like the below screenshot.

Spicy Run gameplay

The game has nice graphics as can be seen from the screenshot above. The score is displayed at all times in the top right corner.

The controls: The controls of the game are easy to learn, but difficult to master. They are as shown.

Left arrow button: Move left.

Right arrow button: Move right.

Space bar: Jump.

Game Over Screen: The game is over when you hit an obstacle. You are shown a screen with your final score in the game over screen.

Spicy Run game over

You can also choose to view the online leaderboard from here.

Leaderboard: This shows the highest scores in the world in this game.

Spicy Run leaderboard

From the leaderboard, you can also choose to challenge your Facebook friends by clicking on the Challenge Friends button at the bottom and logging in to your Facebook account. This concludes the review for this app.

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I’d simply conclude by saying that Spicy Run is a pretty well designed app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which allows you to play as a chicken nugget on a spree to collect the most number of power ups, coins, and build the highest possible score in the process!

Get Spicy Run.